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Hidden Lake was a body of water in ancient Netheril, west of the Lodestar Mountains. After Netheril fell, it dried up and became known as the Shoal of Thirst.[1] By 1479 DR, the lake had filled with water again and was known as the Shadow Sea.[2]


A small river known as Cede Run ran into the lake,[3] as well as the gentle Dahla River.[4]

Notable Locations[]

The small fishing town of Algid lay on Hidden Lake's southern shore until the Shadowed Age, when it was destroyed by the phaerimm.[5]


Packs of trolls dwelt in caves on the lake's southeastern shore.[6]

Pixies and sylphs in the forests around the lake prevented the Netherese from taking more wood than they needed to survive.[6]


The Treatise Historical of the Dragon Tyrants recounts that in −24,500 DR, Hidden Lake was once crowned by a mountain that contained the first kobold nation, Darastrixhurthi. Beneath the mountain were the gems that contained the souls that Garl Glittergold would use to create the gnome race. When kobolds began heedlessly mining the gems, Garl collapsed their caverns, transforming the mountain into a lake.[1]