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The Hidden Realm was the divine realm of Annam All-Father, the chief deity of the giant pantheon.[1][3][2] In the Great Wheel cosmology, it was located somewhere in the Outlands.[1][3]


The exact location of the Hidden Realm within the Outlands was unknown. No maps existed with any information on the realm's whereabouts.[1] It was speculated that the realm was magically cloaked from detection[1] or located in a demiplane[1][2] connected to the Outlands via a portal.[1]


The realm itself contained a large crystal tower[1][2] atop an enormous mountain. From the tower, Annam observed the workings of the multiverse.[1] The tower contained a great orrery, a model of the planes, the stars, and the planets that simulated their movements perfectly and silently.[1][4]


Annam left his original realm of Gudheim within Jotunheim as a consequence of his pact with Othea to abandon the giants until the glory of Ostoria was restored.[4][5] He established himself in the Outlands for the duration of his exile.[4]

Rumors & Legends[]

It was speculated by some sages that the Hidden Realm, in fact, did not exist. Others argued that the realm itself was the master control of the planes.[1]



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