The Hidden Vale was a secluded valley located in High Dale. It was remarkable for the vast varieties of species of wildflowers that bloomed in the summer and fall, and swirling fogs that concealed some of the valley's features.[1]


The valley served as home to a population of gnomes, whose homes were hidden and tucked away among various features of the vale's sheer cliff walls.[1]


Hundreds of years before the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, the gnomes settled in the valley with the blessing of the people of High Dale. Although they shared their lives with the rest of society within High Dale, they typically ignored life as it occurred outside the region. However, after the deity Gond manifested as a gnome on Toril in 1358 DR, many of the gnomish youth were inspired to cast aside a life of comfort and seek out lives of adventure.[1]




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