Hide heart was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate. This spell was only usable by wizards.[1][3]


Hide heart allowed the caster to remove their heart and place it somewhere safer. Doing this did not affect the caster's health. With their heart removed, the caster only felt half of the pain from normal physical attacks. The pain from magical weapons was lessened as well, but the magical power behind the weapon was added to the pain the caster experienced. Magical attacks were not affected. The caster experienced no pain from attacks designed to pierce the caster's heart.[1][3]

A wizard was able to hide his heart for one month after casting this spell before the spell needed to be recast. Damage to the heart was immediately experienced by the caster.[1][3]


Material components for this spell were a silk pillow where the caster laid their heart. A glass or crystal cover was needed to cover the heart as well.[1][3]



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