The hierophant is a prestige class of clerics and druids. Hierophants are higher members of clergy and druidic circles who decide to temporarily forgo gaining the highest levels of divine magic in order to concentrate on the mastery of what they already possess. This has the chief consequence of having spells that are much more potent than normal, allowing hierophants to heal and damage much more efficiently and powerfully through understanding rather than calling on more involved prayers.

Abilities Edit

Blast Infidel
A hierophant can use a powerful, full strength negative energy attack on members of the alignment directly opposing his own. This blast can be used on undead to heal them.
Faith Healing
A hierophant can use a powerful, full strength healing spell on members of the same alignment as himself.
Gift of the Divine
A hierophant can transfer the ability to turn or rebuke undead to another person. The person upon which the ability is given turns or rebukes undead with the same level as the hierophant himself.
Mastery of Energy
A hierophant Cleric gains mastery of positive and negative energy effects over undead.
Power of Nature
A hierophant Druid can transfer any druid ability from himself to another, except for the ability to cast spells or have an animal companion.

1st and 2nd EditionEdit

In 1st and 2nd Edition a hierophant was a druid who had risen to Grand Druid, the highest rank in their order, but stepped down again from that position. That change resulted in a loss of some of the druid's spellcasting power, but with new experience he gained certain spell-like abilities.[1][2][3] Known hierophants were Aubaerus in the Thunder Peaks[4][5] and Pheszeltan in the Forgotten Forest[6].

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