The High Festivals were twelve festivities dedicated to Waukeen that were held across Faerûn. They were considered the most important of the festivals celebrated by her main communities of followers.[1]


The High Festivals were the following:[1]

Cold Counting Comfort
Held on Hammer 15, it celebrated wintertime accounting.[1]
Great Weave
Held on Alturiak 20, it celebrated wintertime textile practices and tapestry weaving.[1]
Held on Ches 30, it celebrated the accomplishments of the wealthy and collected donations for the next festival.[1]
Held on Tarsakh 10, it consisted of using catapults to throw glass spheres full of coins and gems over a city, scattering the contents for the general population to pick up.[1]
Held on Mirtul 12, and named after the wealthiest contributor of the early church.[1]
Held on Kythorn 21, in celebration of the arrival of good weather and the growth of riches in the lands.[1]
My enemy is like a brother to me.
— Typical saying during Sornyn[1][2]
Held between Flamerule 3 and 5, it was marked by business planning, signing of new opportunities, and meetings between adversaries.[1] In Waterdeep, the holiday also honored Lathander.[2]
Held on Eleasis 17, it consisted of a feast to celebrate the bounty of the land and the planting of new trees.[1]
Held on Eleint 7, it celebrated the enrichment provided by the use of magic.[1]
Held on Marpenoth 1, it was a homage to soldiers and guards, for their efforts to protect wealth.[1]
Also known as the Night of Hammers and Nails, it was held on Uktar 10 and celebrated everyday inventions and non-magical crafts.[1]
Held on Nightal 25, it was a cautionary warning against the dark side of wealth and greed.[1]



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