High Forest scouts were guardians of the High Forest and the bane of the wood's enemies. Roaming the confines of the enchanted forest that they called home, they made common cause with the many fantastical creatures that inhabited it while combating the threats that would do them harm, such as the yuan-ti of Najara to the south or the demonic servitors of revived Netheril. To those who would do the forest harm, High Forest scouts were as deadly ghosts, haunting would-be foes from the trees and driving them off.[1]

High Forest scouts were notable for the fact that, unlike most rangers, they learned to wield arcane magic to complement their martial training.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In order to survive within the dangerous High Forest rangers who took the path of the wood's deadly scouts required special training. Many of these new abilities were partially or fully magical in nature, often as a way of combating the often supernatural enemies the Forest faced. For instance, in a way that was particularly detrimental to fey such as eladrin, High Forest scouts learned to prevent enemies from teleporting. Following the Spellplague, many also learned to focus their training on combating the plaguechanged or spellscarred, gaining intuitive knowledge of the creatures' weaknesses. In a manner that was less supernatural, High Forest scouts were also able to cross forested terrain with considerably greater ease than most.[1]

Unlike most experienced rangers of the period between the Spellplague and the Second Sundering who exclusively used martial exploits, High Forest scouts learned to use spells instead, which due to their background in archery were mostly focused on the use of a bow or, much more rarely, other ranged weapons. Argent arrow was an example learned early on, which allowed High Forest scouts to enchant their ammunition with the ability to throw a target through the Feywild. In a wholly different manner, binding arrows caused vines to sprout from the spots where a scout's arrow landed, binding the scout's enemies in place. In order to aid allies, High Forest scouts could also cast unrestricted movement, which allowed the scout's friends to move unimpeded through difficult terrain.[1]

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