The High Harvest Fair was an event held in West Harbor in 1374 DR to judge the abilities of its denizens. The winning group were awarded a Harvest Cloak, which made its wearer more charismatic. The winners also gained a trophy, named the Harvest Cup, which was imbued with clerical powers.[1]

The fair had four main events, which would be announced by Georg Redfell. These events were the Harvest Brawl, the Archery Competition, the Tourney of Talent, and the Knaves' Challenge.[1]

The ChallengesEdit

Harvest BrawlEdit

The Harvest Brawl was an event to test fighting skill, held by Brother Merring. The participants would enter the arena equipped with clubs. The last team standing won.[1]

Archery CompetitionEdit

The archery competition was held by Daeghun. Using a crossbow and bolts, the competitors had to knock down six out of ten bottles with only ten shots.[1]

Tourney of Talent Edit

This challenge was for those interested in magic. Participants had to cast several spells, in a specific order, without fail. Retta Starling hosted this competition, and rewarded the winners with three magic scrolls for some low level spells.[1]

Knaves' ChallengeEdit

I've hidden three feathers, scattered them wide,

Placed White in a box, and locked it inside.
Blue followed termite-tracks, down where they ran.

Green in the pocket of same-colored man.
— Tarmas[1]

Tarmas, the local wizard, appealed to those who were smart and dexterous. They would be told a riddle within a poem.[1]

By solving the riddle, a group would realize they had to find three feathers of specific colors. The white feather could be found in a chest that was tightly locked. The blue feather was hidden under a block of wood (which termites would infest). The final feather, which was green, in the inventory of the man in green.[1]

Other EventsEdit


Galen would teach the young denizens about trading with merchants. The young party could sell furs from Daeghun, and buy a duskwood bow.[1]

Harvest MeadEdit

Lazlo Buckman would serve his Harvest Mead to the older denizens of West Harbor.[1]

Heftiest Hog CompetitionEdit

In this event were four hogs, although one was very large. It belonged to Lewy Jons, who apparently gave it some special feed. Amie Fern suspected that this hog was somehow magically enhanced. Orlen wanted her to cast dispel magic on the hog.[1]

Award CeremonyEdit

The stage was where the winners received their awards: the Harvest Cloak and a trophy called the Harvest Cup.[1]




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