High Hedge was the home of the wizard Thalantyr, which was situated northwest of Beregost.[2]


Thalantyr the Conjurer's estate was a dark, turreted stone building overgrown with pines. It overlooked a pond, which the wizard used to sit near and speak to something beneath the surface.[1]


The house was defended by two griffons, who were a mating pair and strongly loyal to Thalantyr. His home was also protected by an invisible servant, who was known to spy and deliver information and objects to the wizard.[1]



High hedge building

High Hedge as it appears in the Baldur's Gate game.

In the Baldur's Gate game, the player could visit Thalantyr in High Hedge, although the estate was guarded by a pair of flesh golems, not griffons, who could only be harmed by magical weapons. Inside the manor was a large, rapidly rotating crystal surrounded by symbols of the four elements; fire, air, earth, and water.[3]


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