The High Imperceptor of Bane was a title held by the head of the Black Lord's Altar, the seat of the orthodox branch of the Banite faith based in Mulmaster.[1]


During the 1340s DR, the position was held by Szchulan Darkoon, who was in open conflict with the transformed branch of the faith based in Zhentil Keep, headed by Fzoul Chembryl.[1]

The two outlooks in faith clashed over the saturation of the church with mages, although dogma and the rivalry between Zhentil Keep and Mulmaster played a part as well. Similar to the clash with Hillsfar, this did much to keep the Moonsea area free from tyranny.[1]

For a time, there was an orthodox temple in Zhentil Keep, known as the Dark Shrine, headed by a High Inquisitor. However, post-Godswar, it was a splinter church openly worshiping Cyric.[1]

After the Time of Troubles, the High Imperceptor was preparing to convert the church to the open worship of Cyric.[1]



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