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The High Moor was a large, monster-infested, open moorland in western Faerûn, bordered on the east by the Serpent Hills and on the west by the Misty Forest.[1]


It was created in about −10,500 DR when the fallen kingdom of Miyeritar was destroyed by the Vyshaantar Empire's magics in the Dark Disaster during the Crown Wars.[2][3]


The High Moor contained numerous ancient ruins and structures, but the most familiar included Dragonspear Castle on the western edge; Hammer Hall, a log house and stables surrounded by a wooden palisade near the banks of Highstar Lake; and Orogoth, a large ancestral hall near the Serpent Hills.[citation needed]

Rhymanthiin, the Hidden City of Hope, created by a large group of notable magic-users led by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, Tsarra Chaadren, and Ualair, was located on the High Moor.[citation needed][4]

Forays into the High Moor were usually based out of the town of Secomber, north of the region.[5]


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