The Highfire Crown was a priceless elven artifact created during an Elven High Magic ritual that cleansed and constructed the mythal over the Elven Court in 714 DR.[1]


The crown was a ring of thirteen selu'kiira seemingly held together by silver- and amber-colored arcane fire which extended up to seven points.[1]


The Highfire Crown was a major elven artifact of great power. Since the crown was made of the sentient selu'kiira of thirteen high mages, it was a source of near-limitless arcane knowledge. The crown would effectively make its wearer a Grand Mage with access to thirteen supplemental high mages, allowing the wielder to cast nearly any high magic ritual alone.[2]


The selu'kiira belonged to the thirteen Selu'taar that gave their lives to erect the mythal of the Elven Court in 714 DR and bound their sentience to the gems.[3] The crown had no recorded sightings since that day, having vanished in the light of the dawn the next morning.[1]


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