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Highmoon was a large town and the capital of Deepingdale, known to be the most well-integrated settlement of humans, elves, and half-elves in all of Faerûn.[1] It was prosperous, exciting and often full of adventurers and travelers from Cormyr, Sembia, and beyond.[3]


Highmoon was led by the Lord of Highmoon, who also served as the ruler over all of Deepingdale. By 1372 DR, this position was held by Theremen Ulath.[4]


The city was founded in the late 11th century DR, but grew quickly over its 400-year existence. The population rose to over 3000 by 1372 DR[1] and over 8000 by 1479 DR.[2] Although early growth of the city was stymied by a lack of military support, conflicts with Vhaeraunian (particularly Auzkovyn ) Drow of Cormanthor spurred its expansion and fortification.[1]

Highmoon was attacked on Tarsakh 17, the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, by the black dragon Zarlandris, who destroyed the Tower of the Rising Moon before being killed.[5][6]

Notable Locations[]

  • The High Market: The open market of Highmoon would attract many merchants from Sembia and Cormyr, looking to buy local harvest.[3]
  • Lords' Barracks: This military structure was home to the Watchmen of Highmoon. It also housed some of the elven archers that defended Deepingdale and had a small building that served as their collective armory, storing their armaments of hundreds of weapons and sets of armor.[3]
  • The Leaves of Learning: The Leaves of Learning was a temple dedicated to Oghma that contained one of best libraries in Faerûn
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