Highsummer was a special day in the Calendar of Harptos, occurring on the night after Midsummer—this was Eleasis 1, the 1st of the month of Highsun, in most years; or Shieldmeet, every four years.[1][2][3] [note 1]

The night of Highsummer was traditionally the time for the Feast of the Moon or the "Festival of Lovers" in Turmish and across the Vilhon Reach.[1][2]

Curiously, on the day before Highsummer each year, every tressym in the city of Ankhapur mysteriously disappeared. The winged cats only returned three days later.[3]

The ancient Netherese held festivities on Highsummer.[4]

A legendary time gate was said to appear at Highsummer, shining brightly upon Misken's Peak, north of Novularond in the Great Glacier.[5]

In the time of ancient Netheril, undead Angardt warriors in Redguard Lake were said to look out of the water on Highsummer and look for kobolds to slay.[6]



  1. It is unclear exactly when Highsummer occurs. The Vilhon Reach: Dungeon Master's Reference page 34 says "During Highsummer, one night after Midsummer," but this could be either Eleasis 1 (the day after Midsummer in most years) or Shieldmeet (the day after Midsummer every four years). Curiously, the tressym of Ankhapur leave "on the day before Highsummer", which, using the dates implied by The Vilhon Reach, would simply be Midsummer every year. Thus, it is possible that this mention is in error and really meant the day before Midsummer. It is also possible that there are different dates for Highsummer in different locales.


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