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Hill's Edge was a small city on the Dusk Road, south of Anauroch on the River Reaching, south-east of Skull Gorge, east of Hardbuckler and west of the Sunset Mountains.[1]

Notable Locations[]

Official Buildings[]

The Mayor's Tower was a small fortress for the mayor and bodyguards.

Religious Buildings[]

Clubs, Inns, and Taverns[]

  • The Tarnished Trumpet, the best drinking spot in town.
  • Scarlet Stag, a drinking hall.
  • The Banshee at Bay, a tavern known for its baked stirge on toast, a favorite dish of Elminster's.[2]
  • Dancing Bear, a drinking hall.
  • Worried Wyrvern, an inn.
  • Storm Griffin, an inn downtown.
  • Stone Saddle, an cheap inn.
  • Six Soft Furs, a house of pleasure.


  • A Handful of Eyes, sells monsters and monster parts.
  • Lionstar Services, packs shipments for secure travel across all of Toril.
  • Knight in the Morn, sells suits of armor.
  • Belkin's Blades, sells weapons.
  • Bent Bows, sells archery supplies.[1]



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