The Hin Ghostwar (also known as the Hin Ghostwars[1] and the Ghost War[2]) was a long conflict between the ghostwise halflings and the allied strongheart and lightfoot halflings in the Lluirwood in Luiren.[1]


The three halfling subraces (lightfoot halflings, strongheart halflings, and ghostwise halflings) were originally nomadic tribes of the Lluirwood in Luiren who shared their resources among each other.[1]


Around −100 DR, a ghostwise halfling cleric named Desva began leading the ghostwise in the worship of Malar and violence, performing savage acts on the creatures and other halflings of the forest. In −68 DR, the stronghearts and lightfoots allied against the ghostwise and battle continued for years until Chand of the stronghearts slew Desva in −65 DR.[1]


Most of the few surviving ghostwise left Luiren for the Chondalwood, making an oath that they wouldn't speak until they had atoned for their savagery.[1] They organized into familiar clans and became more isolated.[2]

Many lightfoots, horrified by the war, chose to leave Luiren and spread across northern Faerûn and mixing with other races.[1] This made them relatively common throughout Faerûn.[3]

The stronghearts remained in the Lluirwood and began building permanent settlements.[1] Their wanderlust remained, so they developed a semi-nomadic lifestyle where families often relocated.[4]


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