Hippartes was the king of Akanax in Chessenta by 1357 DR.


Hippartes first distinguished himself as a warrior in the war against Maerduuth.

However, afterward, his involvement in politics ended in disgrace, with him being banished from Akanax. For a time, he lived as an adventurer but when he learned that his city was close to losing a war with Soorenar, he gathered an army and joined the battle. Hippartes saved Akanax but the ruling council was on the verge of concluding a shameful peace treaty with Soorenar, so the soldiers rebelled and proclaimed Hippartes their king.[1]


Hippartes was an intimidating man. He believed that with discipline and courage Akanax could gain supremacy. His plan was to wait for the right time to enter into the 1357 war between Cimbar and Soorenar with the goal of taking control of the latter city.[1]


Hippartes had three sons, Philipus, Cassarian, and Themothys, who acted as his commanders.[1]



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