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Hippopotami, also known by the shorthand hippos or as river horses, were large herbivorous animals found around tropical rivers and lakes.[1][2][3]


Hippopotami were known to be a bad-tempered species and would often charge at anything that irritated them. Hippos typically had routine paths they traveled along and would get particularly irritated if something were to blocked their route. In such cases, they would attempt to flip over the offending boat or bite at the unfortunate traveler.[4]

Notable Hippopotami[]

Tamratha Daernark reared notably aggressive hippopotami on her farm by the Hathlyn River. On an annual basis, Tamratha would invite acquainted traders to hunt these hippopotami with harpoons, which would subsequently be smoked in one of the smokehouses on the site.[5]



In the land of Kara-Tur, hippos were known to inhabit the island of Akari.[6]


Hippos were favored animals of the deities Hathor[7] and Shajar.[8]


The teeth of hippopotami were one of many sources in the realms for ivory.[9]


A hippopotamus could be summoned by the conjure animals spell.[10]


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