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Hissain was the leader of a lizardfolk tribe in the Mere of Dead Men in the late 15th century DR.[1]


Hissain commanded the lizardfolk render Slosh.[1]


Circa 1491 DR, a band of rot trolls raided the territory of Hissain's tribe that was living fairly peacefully near the High Road. The lizardfolk were forced to flee closer to the High Road as a result of the attack, bringing them in confrontation with travelers who mistook their presence for an attack. The lizardfolk fought back, capturing Vester Jessup and three other soldiers from Leilon as well as four members of a trade caravan.[1]

Hissain planned to use the captives as bait to lure the rot trolls away from his wandering village. The lizardfolk would go in the other direction, hoping that the trolls would ignore them in favor of the offering. However, a group of adventurers tracked the lizardfolk tribe to rescue Vester and the other captured Leilon soldiers. They confronted the lizardfolk before Hissain could put his plan into action. An attack by the rot trolls interrupted the confrontation, but together the lizardfolk and the adventurers defeated the trolls. Vester and the other captives were then rescued.[1]



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