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There have been seven Open Lords of Waterdeep to 1489 DR; Ahghairon the Mage, Baeron Silmaeril, Lhestyn the Masked Lady, Piergeiron the Paladinson.[1], Caladorn Cassalanter, Dagult Neverember, and the current Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lady Laeral Silverhand.

The History of the Open Lord of Waterdeep in Timeline FormatEdit

1032 DR to 1256 DR
Ahghairon the Mage is Open Lord.
1256 DR to 1273 DR
The position of Open Lord is vacant.
1273 DR to 1308 DR
Baeron is Open Lord.
1308 DR to 1314 DR
Lhestyn is Open Lord.
1314 DR to Unknown
Piergeiron the Paladinson is Open Lord.
1399 DR
Caladorn Cassalanter.[2]
In the century up to 1479 DR several Open Lords were killed.[3]
1479 DR
Dagult Neverember is Open Lord.​​​​​​
1489 DR
Lady Laeral Silverhand supplanted Dagult Neverember as Open Lord.[4]


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