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Histra was a human woman and a priestess of Sune studying at the Edificant Library in the Snowflake Mountains around 1362 DR.[1]


In the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR, Cadderly, a young priest of Deneir, paid Histra 200 gold pieces to enchant a disk with a permanent light spell. Histra did so, and attempted to seduce Cadderly for a reduced fee, though he declined.[1] He'd previously commissioned her to cast a reversed form—darkness—inside a chest in which to store drow poison.[2]

Upon being affected by the Chaos Curse that afflicted the Library and drove everyone to obsession and excess, Histra spent the time in the throes of passion. She took at least a dozen men to her chambers, leaving them exhausted, and attempted to lure Cadderly and the dwarves Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder to join her, to the point of trying magic.[3]


Around 1362 DR, she was described as a woman twice Cadderly's age, which would put her around 40 years old though she remained alluring. She wore a deep crimson habit that was very revealing.[1]


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