A hive mother, also known as the ultimate tyrant or just ultimate, was a very rare type of beholder capable of magically dominating other beholders, including eyes of flame, eyes of frost, death tyrants, bloodkiss beholders, and gazers.[1]


These beholders were twice as large as normal and of genius intelligence. They were fanatical and had natural resistance to magic. Hive mothers had enormous mouths for devouring foes and interestingly, had no eyestalks. Despite lacking the stalks, they still had the eyes, which were embedded in its upper body.[1]

They did not have the ability to cast spells, but their central eye constantly generated an anti-magic field ahead of it.[citation needed]


There was a hive mother inhabiting one of the lower levels of Watcher's Keep as of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR.[2]



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