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The soot-covered, industrious city of Hiyal was one of Zakhara's Cities of the Heart.[1]


Hiyal lay in the valley of Al-Wahl River, at the opposite, inner end of Suq Bay from its rival Huzuz. It was considered one of the three great cities of Zakhara.[1][4]


Many foundries and kilns shrouded the city in smoke, and this dark atmosphere seemed to nurture the trades of smuggling, stealing and underhanded dealings, earning Hiyal the name City of Intrigue.[1]


The ruler was Sultana Alurah bint Asrah. The citizens of Hiyal had a reputation of being treacherous and sharp businessmen. This reputation, while largely false, attracted shady individuals to the city.[1]


A city of 600,000 or so, Hiyal was noted for its crime, pollution, foundries, coal, iron, steel, weaponry, armor, metalwork, slaves, information, and pottery. Hiyal's foundries turned out some of the finest weapons in Zakhara.[1]

Armed Forces[]

The army of Hiyal, commanded by Prince Anjar bin Alurah, numbered 8,000 footmen, 1,500 cavalry, a palace guard of 2,000, 1,800 mercenary barbarians, 5,000 mamluk infantry, and 900 mamluk cavalry. Additionally, the city guard, commanded by Princess Hannah bint Alurah numbered 2,000.[1]

The remain princes and princesses each had units of mamluks utterly devoted to them. Disputes between the various units often spilled onto the streets of Hiyal.[1]

Hiyal also had a navy, though they were used primarily to guard personal cargos of the royal family since the navy of mighty Huzuz protected Suq Bay.[1]





Other Settlements

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