Hkum yeng (pronounced: /hkm jɛŋhkoom yeng[4]) were a type of nat native to Kara-Tur.[2]


Hkum yeng resembled short and stocky humanoids with unkempt hair. They had sharp fangs and claws. They had brilliantly colored gold skin.[2]


In addition to their innate abilities, hkum yeng used their sharp teeth and claws in combat.[1]


Hkum yeng were powerful creatures and had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of become ethereal, become invisible, castigate, comprehend languages, create spring, dancing blade, deflection, detect shapechanger, dispel magic, dream vision, elemental burst, ESP, fire ruin, hail of stones, levitate, oath, passwall, possess animal, purify food and drink, quickgrowth, and snake summon spells at will.[2]

In addition, they had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of animate fire and animate wood three times per day, as well as quell and remove curse once per day. Once per week, they were able to duplicate the effects of ancient curse. The area around a hkum yeng was covered in an aura of fear. Hkum yeng were immune to disease and poison and had a resistance to electrical and fire-based spells.[2]


Hkum yeng were guardian spirits of a whole village. From a central point, the hkum yeng protected the village from outside threats. But if the villagers offended the hkum yeng in any way, or neglected to provide sufficient offerings of food and treasure, the spirit brought death, ill-fortune, and suffering to the villagers.[2]


While they lived within the center of a village, the hkum yeng's actual lair was on the Ethereal Plane.[1]




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