Hlaavin was the leader of the Unseen in Waterdeep in 1372.[1][2]


Hlaavin was born in the illithid city of Ch'Chitl in the Underdark, as one of the mind flayers' experiment.[1]

In 1349 DR, the ulitharid Thalynsar sent Hlaavin to Waterdeep as leader of a druuth, a band of doppelgangers sent by illithids to infiltrate enemy cities. Soon after, however, Ch'Chitl suffered a crisis caused by the killing of the elder brain by a githyanki party in 1362.[2][3] Thalynsar and the mind flayers of Ch'Chitl could pay little attention to Hlaavin and his subordinates.[1][2]

However, thanks to his half-illithid nature, a secret to all, Hlaavin managed to gather together the other doppelgangers and even recruit new members, founding the Unseen. Hlaavin's plan was to subtly and slowly gain control of Waterdeep and afterward expand to all the Sword Coast.[1][2]

At one point Hlaavin may have lived amongst the garbage in the Rat Hills.[4]


The half-illithid part of Hlaavin surpassed the cowardly nature common to all doppelgangers.[1]


Hlaavin usually used the guise of the Lord of Waterdeep Nindil Jalbuck but had more identities, such as Chievel, major-domo of the Kothont family villa and right-hand-man of Lord Kothont; Lady Cyrtue, owner of the Hanging Lantern festhall; and Thad Ruchel, rogue leader of the Luskan-based adventuring band Mask's Conscripts.[1]



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