Hlammach was a bustling port city in Impiltur located on the northern coast of Sea of Fallen Stars leading into the Easting Reach.[1][2] Along with Lyrabar further south, Hlammach was home to much of the realm's great wealthy and old guard of noble families.[4]

Like many of Impiltur's grand cities, Hlammach was free from slums and poverty for a great many years,[4] until the recession of the Inner Sea, which rendered the city's ports useless during the late 14th century DR. Following the Spellplague, the economy of Hlammach collapsed and many of its citizens fled the city to New Sarshel for a new and more prosperous life.[5]

Description[edit | edit source]

Hlammach was a compact, walled-city that had a grand port that was nearly always full of ships.[3] As the last stop before the eastward Royal Road, Hlammach was always a hive of activity. Goods that arrived from across the Inner Sea left the city via the Royal and Herald's Roads before dispersing east.[1]

The royal mint of Impiltur was located in Hlammach. The city received many of its gold and silver shipments from the mines of the Earthfast Mountains, which were brought south through Amgoth county via its namesake road.[6] The mint was often the target of aspiring thieves, who could not resist the magnificent trove of coins and trade bars,[7][3] but was well-protected by Hlammach's city watch.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Hlammach rivaled Lyrabar in importance during the days before the unification of Impiltur. Its location gave it natural control of the entire northeastern region of the sea. Hlammach also had a cold relationship with Sarshel even after Impiltur's founding. Many believed this was the main reason that refugees from Sarshel chose to settle in Dilpur over the larger and more prominent Hlammach.[1]

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