Hlondeth was an independent city-state at the end of the Vilhon Reach which controlled a region of mountainous territory to the southwest of Turmish. The city had a longtime association with serpents, and was ruled by the Extaminos family, with mixed blood that was not quite human. The matriarch of the Extaminos family was Dediana Extaminos who had a snake's tail instead of legs. She ruled over the city with a light hand. Her mate was First Consort Ssibalentanamas, a spirit naga cleric of Sseth, who was also known as First Keeper of the Sacred Eggs, his main task was guarding the yuan-ti brood chambers.

Dediana's heir was Dmetrio Extaminos, who has been connected for a few years with Glisena Foesmasher, eldest daughter of Baron Thuragar of Sespech.[1]. Besides serving as Hlondeth's ambassador to Sespech, Dmetrio secretly led the Hlondethan cell of the Cult of the Dragon. He used the cult to undermine his mother's rule and increase his personal power so that he could one day seize control of Hlondeth and the surrounding region. An attempt to extend the cell's influence to Surkh failed, thanks to the Cult of Tiamat active in that city. The Hlondethan cell was far more successful creating urbroodguards.



Very tense for quite a while, for Dmeitro Extraminos son of Dediana Extaminos was in love with the baron's eldest daughter. While he is yet unsuccessful, no-one has sent him packing.[2]


Great Aviary of Extaminos

Aviary of Extaminos

Two yuan-ti purebloods strolling through the Aviary of Extaminos.

The great Aviary of Extaminos was claimed to be the most wondrous building in the city. It was completed in 1368 DR.[1]

Cathedral of Emerald Scales

Dedicated to Varae, a beast cult, power of snakes and aspect of Sseth, the Cathedral of Emerald Scales thoroughly dominated the religious, political, and architectural life of Hlondeth.

Constructed over the course of thirteen centuries by the Extaminos family, the structure served first as the family villa and then as a small shrine to Ilmater on the periphery of the family compound. When the Extaminos family shifted its allegiance to Varae's cult, its members expanded the shrine into a small chapel and reconsecrated it. Although nearly everyone in Hlondeth realized that Varae was simply an aspect of the yuan-ti god Sseth, the priests of the cathedral still maintained the facade of venerating Varae.

The leader of Varae's clergy was Medusanna Mhairdaul of the Se'Sehen tribe, whose human head sported countless poisonous snakes in lieu of hair. Medusanna personally loathed the relatively cold climate of Hlondeth, the city's inhabitants, and House Extaminos, and the feeling was reciprocated. This mutual dislike only exacerbated the already high tensions between the Se'sehen tribe and the ruling family of Hlondeth.

The Knights of the Forked Tongue defended the temple, and the clergy consisted of ophidians, yuan-ti purebloods, tainted ones, and halfbloods.[citation needed]



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