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Hlontar was a lost realm situated around the river Tesh and reaching as far south as Shadowdale.[1]


Hlontar was founded by the wizard Alokkair, who came from one of the survivor states of Netheril after they had been swallowed by Anauroch. Alokkair supported the warrior Hlonagh in subduing rival warlords in the region and founding the kingdom of Hlontar in the Year of the Laughing Lich, 536 DR. Alokkair served as Hlonagh's court wizard for a time. Finally, Alokkair slew Hlonagh and became wizard-king of Hlontar himself. Alokkair's rule was cruel and ruthless.[1]

In 569 DR, Alokkair's three daughters led a rebellion against him. Only the youngest survived, forcing Alokkair into hiding in a secret refuge in southern Hlontar—a cave in the Fox Ridge of Shadowdale.[1]

Alokkair had long-term plans to reinstall himself as ruler of Hlontar and considered the Zhentarim to be squatters in his kingdom even in 1375 DR.[1]