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Hoarder dragons were undead dragons who were so thoroughly greedy, they refused to leave their hoards after death, haunting them somewhat similarly to ghosts.[1]


Initially, a horde dragon appeared to be nothing but an unguarded treasure hoard that radiated an almost palpable aura of terror and dread. If an unwise adventurer touched anything in the hoard, it came to life. The treasures took the shape of a dragon, with gems, coins, jeweled daggers, and magic swords. Hoarder dragons often used gemstones for their eyes of the same color as their scales in life.[1]


Hoarder dragons were almost impossible to destroy due to their ethereal nature. They lacked a physical body and only possessed the mountains of gold and treasure in their lairs. However, like many other undead creatures, hoarder dragons had the energy-draining ability. These undead dragons utilized that deadly attack via a simple bite.[1]

Hoarders had exceptionally keen senses that allowed them to sense through the treasure in their hoard within 100 feet (30 meters). They could see in the dark and possessed blindsence. Hoard dragons' elemental immunities were the same they had in life. Along with that, they were unaffected by sleep, paralysis, mind-affecting spells and abilities, diseases, poisons, being stunned, fatigue, exhaustion, death magics, energy and experience drain, and they were completely immune to any spells that affected fortitude unless the spell could affect inanimate objects.[1]

Like other dragons, hoarder dragons exuded a frightful presence that sent even the bravest warriors fleeing in terror. In addition, they possessed dragons' innate spellcasting abilities. The breath weapon of a hoarder dragon was of the same type as it was in life, but with an added spray of pelting coins that dealt bludgeoning damage to its targets.[1]


Their all-consuming greed ruled hoarder dragons in life, and in death, they refused to abandon their troves, damming themselves to haunt the precious treasures eternally. Unwilling to lose a single copper from their hoard, they possessed the treasure, defending it with their undead lives.[1]

It was believed that the dragons who worshiped Task, the draconic god of avarice, were transformed in death into hoarder dragons as a reward for their service.[1]


Hoarder dragons liked to ambush the thieves by laying in wait in the Ethereal plane. Then, they surprised the opponents by appearing on Prime Material plane and animating the mountain of treasure to smite the foes.[1]

Defending their wealth, hoarder dragons used any items found among their treasures when threatened. Most of the time, they used the animated construct-like bodies to slam, claw, smash, and bite at thieves along with the use of the dragon's breath weapons. Items such aw wands and scrolls were used by the hoarders if they were among the countless riches that composed their bodies. At will, hoarder dragons could dive into the Ethereal Plane to avoid their opponents, only to reemerge, surprising them with an onslaught of magics unleashed from their wands and other magical items.[1]


Hoarder dragons were solitary creatures found to their lairs and their treasure hoards, unable to leave their location.[1]


Hoarder dragons were unnatural creatures of negative energy and had no place in the Prime Material plane's ecology. They were extremely hard to destroy as their beings were tethered to the treasure they guarded. When enough damage was done to a hoarder dragon, it seemingly dissipated but inevitably returned to the hoard within two to for days. The only way to completely destroy this incorporeal draconic undead was by dealing enough damage to temporarily disperse the creature, then removing the treasure from its lair, and finally, severing the hoarder dragon's bound via spells such as break enchantment, greater dispel magic, limited wish, or miracle.[1]

Notable Hoarder Dragons[]



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