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Hoary hunters were rare but powerful and malevolent fey creatures.[1]


Hoary hunters resembled gaunt elves with features that were sharp, exaggerated, and unsettling for mortals to see. Additionally, hoary hunters were completely white in color, including their hair, skin, eyes, and all of their clothing. On moonlit nights, hoary hunters looked like ghostly apparitions.[1]


Hoary hunters were patient, persistent, and malevolent.[1]


Hoary hunters were rare and dangerous fey, difficult to damage, especially with cold-based attacks, as well as to spells. Additionally, they wielded powerfully enchanted longswords and possessed a number of innate magical abilities.[1]

By their own innate power, hoary hunters could replicate the effects of the spells discern location, true strike, fog cloud, hold monster, and plane shift at will; dimensional anchor, dominate monster, and greater dispelling thrice each day; and Mordenkainen's disjunction, and contingent recall and resurrection once each day. The last spell-ability meant that a hoary hunter could never be killed while on a hunt; if defeated, they rose again in the Unseelie Court.[1]

One of the more sinister abilities of a hoary hunter was that when they made a killing blow with their sword, the victim was instead bodily transported inside of the white diamond in the sword's hilt.[1]


Hoary hunters were fey of the Unseelie Court. They traveled either alone or in groups of up to five. On clear, moonlit nights in places when the air was below freezing in temperature, they would ride out and hunt other creatures. Once they caught their prey, they would bring the unfortunate victim back to the Court to be enslaved.[1]

If the chosen prey escaped, the hunter would return the next night that the conditions were right, accompanied by another hunter. They could wait years for this to happen, and were known to pursue their chosen prey even across planes. Only if the hunted evaded them for five nights would they relent.[1]

Hoary hunters always rode magical, flying horses, called hoary steeds. These creatures were utterly loyal to them.[1]