Hold monster was an enchantment spell that held a targeted creature helpless.[3]


This spell functioned in the same manner as hold person, except that it could be used against any creature who failed to resist to its effect.[3]

For as long as the caster concentrated, up to one minute, the spell caused one or more creatures to be paralyzed. While under its effect, a paralyzed creature could repeatedly try to break free from the spell. Undead creatures were immune to this spell.[2]


The spell required verbal, somatic and material components. The material required was one hard metal bar or rod, which could be as small as a three-penny nail,[3] or a small straight piece of iron.[2] It could be replaced by a spellcasting focus.[8]


The spell was attributed to the Netherese arcanist Prug in -1864 DR and was originally called Prug's hold being.[1]




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