Holordrym, born in the Year of the Hunting Horn, 242 DR, was the 21st Obarskyr monarch and a king of Cormyr. He reigned for four years, from the Year of Cruel Storms, 268 DR to the time of his death in the Year of the Weeping Kingdom, 272 DR.[1]

Relatives[edit | edit source]

Although his sister Besmra eventually reigned as queen after the deaths of his sons, Belereve and Thargram, he was the first and only son and heir of King Thargreve the Lesser.[1]

He was two when his granduncle Boldovar the Mad was believed to have died; twenty-six when he inherited the throne from his cousin, Roderin the Bastard after his passing; and thirty when he drew his last.[1]

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