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A holy avenger was a rare type of sword[note 1] that were forged to battle evil in all of its forms They were greatly prized by paladins from all across the Realms.[4] They possessed great and magnificent powers that were only fully realized in the hands of a benevolent holy warrior.[5][3]

One paladin famously said his holy avenger was his "best and last friend in any situation".[6]


Prior to the Spellplague a newly-forged holy avenger was merely a sword that had been forged from cold iron. Its true might was released only when it was placed in the hands of a paladin, whereupon it became a more powerful holy cold iron sword. The blade provided significant protection from magical spells and spell-like abilities to its wielder and their allies. When holding their holy avenger, they were capable of casting greater dispelling at will,[5] and inflicting more damage upon malevolent and unlawful foes.[7]

Those weapons forged during the century following the Spellplague delivered radiant energy unto any foe it struck. Any paladin wielding a holy avenger could use it as a holy symbol and once per day, channel its power to bolster their defenses along with any nearby allies.[2][8]

Holy avengers forged after the Second Sundering were particularly deadly when wielded against undead and fiends. Like those crafted during earlier centuries, they radiated a magical aura that benefited the wielder's allies. This radiance emanated out for 10 ft (3 m) except when in the hands of most champions. When it was wielded by the most skilled and veteran paladins, this effect extended out for 30 ft (9.1 m). In addition they only reached their true potential after having been wielded by a specific paladin for some time.[3]


To forge a holy avenger, a craftsman had to have both been of good alignment and have access to the holy aura spell. The creation of such a great holy blade required at least 60,000 gold pieces along with great amount of time and heroic levels of energy.[5]

Notable Owners[]

Notable Holy Avengers[]

A holy avenger was a powerful weapon against hordes of undead.



  1. According to the Player's Handbook 4th edition, the holy avenger property could also be added to axes and hammers, along with 'heavy blades'. This contradicts lore about holy avengers in all other editions. With the exception of this detail, all other information regarding the 4e holy avenger property coincides with the 4e iteration of the holy avenger weapon. As such it has been incorporated into this article.


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