Holy star was a divine evocation spell that conjured brilliant, magical mote of light that accompanied the cleric.[2]


The casting of this spell caused a bright light to appear over the caster's shoulder. It floated nearby for a matter of seconds, until the duration of the spell expired or all its magical energy was released.[2]

Every few seconds, the holy star could be willed by the caster to perform a number of actions. First, it could reflect back the effects of any spell cast nearby, towards its source. Second, the holy star could completely protect the cleric from any physical or magical attack. Third, it could emit a beam of damaging force energy burned any being it struck.[2]

After performing four of these actions, or emitting two beams of energy, the holy star dissipated.[2]


The specifications of this spell could be displayed by the relic known as the Scepter of Mystra.[2]


This spell required verbal and somatic components in order to be cast.[2]



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