A homunculus (pronounced: /hʌˈmʌŋkjlʌshu-MUNK-yoo-lus[6]) was a tiny construct created by spellcasters to act as a spy and servant. Homunculi were created through mysticism and alchemy, using the spellcaster's own blood in the procedure. This blood-link provided a special bond between the homunculus and its creator. The construct was completely loyal to its master and could telepathically transmit anything it saw or heard back to its creator. Although they possessed a telepathic link to their creator, homunculi could not verbally speak.[1]


The appearance of a homunculus varied based on the will of its creator. Many homunculi appeared to be winged humanoid creatures, similar to gargoyles or tiny demons. Some spellcasters made their homunculi appear more human; vain mages even made these constructs look like themselves.[citation needed]


Creating a homunculus was a lengthy procedure involving creating the construct's body from clay and ash and mixing it with the blood of the creator.[1] Though some recipes called for the addition of mandrake root.[2]

This blood created a mystical bond, allowing the creator to see and hear everything the homunculus experienced over great distances, so long as they were on the same plane. However, there was a drawback in that if the construct was slain, the creator suffered damage.[1][2]



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