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Hopeless was a large gate-town leading to Hades from the Outlands.[1]


Hopeless was surrounded completely by a wall, which had a single entrance. The entrance was made from red stone and was carved into a screaming human face. The city was built in a large pit and was unique in that there was only a single road, which spiralled down the pit. At the end of the road was a courtyard which was home of the gate-town's Gate.[1]

All the buildings of Hopeless were bleak and drab, made from the same gray stone and wood.[1]


Found at the bottom of the pit, the Gate to Hades appeared as a large well filled with viscous black tar-like ooze. To enter the portal one merely had to jump into the well.[1]


The residents of this gate-town were cheerless and despondent. Individuals who settled in Hopeless were ones who had nowhere else to go and were too depressed to do anything. The Gate to Hades had an effect on the inhabitants as well. Anyone who stayed in the gate-town took on a pallor that matched the drab buildings and their eyes became sensitive to light and bright colors. This transformation began after only a few weeks exposure. Due to the light sensitivity of the residents, a local law forbade bright and contrasting colors.[1]




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