Hordes of Dragonspear is a 2nd-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure for the Forgotten Realms. The adventure utilizes the Battelsystem ruleset for large scale battles.

Dragonspear Castle. All who live within several hundred miles have heard the name and know its import. Once home to the proud and the brave, it stands now a ruin, cloaked behind a history of murder and diabolic plots. Few go there, for the only reward to be found is death.

Rumors abound that Dragonspear holds a portal to the sinister planes, but until now those have been unfounded. Following a great battle against orcs and trolls from the High Moor who had taken possession of the castle, a temple to ward against further evil was established. However, by the Time of Troubles, that temple and its clergy had disappeared. Now, a horde of fiends and monsters has amassed at Dragonspear Castle, and is terrorizing the surrounding countryside.

The portal is active, that is for certain. The army of Daggerford needs reinforcements! Is your party made of the stuff of heroes?

Hordes of Dragonspear can be played using either the BATTLESYSTEM miniatures rules, or the quick combat resolution system found in DMGR2, The Castle Guide. Alternatively, a few simple changes render the entire module playable without any special rules.[1]


  • Introduction
  • The Hordes
  • The Allies
  • The Town of Daggerford
  • The Army of Daggerford
  • Council of War
  • Battle at the Way Inn
  • Into the Misty Forest
  • The Druid's Council
  • The Roaring Deep
  • Under the Castle
  • Return to the Inn
  • Against the Hordes
  • Aftermath
  • Appendix: Monstrous Compendium


BaazkaBaergon BlueswordBandoCyrag HammerboneDahrgashDauravyn RedbeardDorigFlorfindynFrey SilverbladeGhorashkGeoffryDuke GreatshoutKorrLlewellyn LonghandMaelestor RexOorokPrujSallissiSkarrSylyndyrryl MoonspinnerUhmbrickVesariusVookaVragWolg
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Khelben ArunsunPiergeiron the Paladinson

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Buildings & Sites
Boareskyr BridgeCastle DaggerfordDelfen's towerDragonspear CastleGuildmaster's HallLaughing HollowThe Way Inn
Misty Forest
Nepenthe River
High Moor
Referenced only
Baldur's GateElturelIllefarnLizard MarshScornubelWaterdeep

Army of DaggerfordHordes of Dragonspear (Blood GuardMaraudersThe Storm)Knights of IlmaterUhmbrick's Rangers
Referenced only
Council of Guilds



The cover illustration by Doug Chaffee originally appeared in the Player's Handbook 2nd edition.


  • Design: William W. Connors
  • Editing: C. Terry Phillips
  • Cover Art: Doug Chaffee
  • Interior Art: Arnie Swekel
  • Cartography: Steve Beck
  • Typography: Gaye O'Keefe
  • Production: Paul Hanchette

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  1. William W. Connors (1992). Hordes of Dragonspear. (TSR, Inc.). ISBN 1-5607-6333-7.
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