The Hordes of Dragonspear were the collective forces of devils, goblinoids, and other monstrous creatures that launched a devastating offensive from Dragonspear Castle, under the leadership of the pit fiend Baazka during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


The fiendish army comprised three distinct divisions:[1]

The Marauders
Led by the cornugon Vrag, the Marauders were looked down upon and tasked with undesirable tasks that often led to heavy casualties. In order to change this view and gain greater esteem, Vrag devoted his forces to increasingly dangerous missions. Vrag was served by two lieutenants, the kobold chieftain Wolg and the goblin leader Pruj, each of whom commanded 500 members of their respective races.[1]
Blood Guard
The strong fighting force of the Blood Guard comprised monstrous humanoids led by the devilishly intelligent cornugon commander Vooka. This group carried out the raids and main assaults of the Dragonspear army. Serving under Vooka was the ferocious commander Dahrgash, and his 300 orc warriors, along with the authoritative hobgoblin chieftain Skarr, and his 200 soldiers.[1]
The Storm
The Storm was the most menacing contingent of the fiendish horde. The brutal fighting force of 200 bugbears and ogres was led by warmonger Vesarius.[1] In addition to the cruel ogre boss Oorok and the cunning Ghorashk, Vesarius commanded the ancient black dragon Maelestor Rex, who was bound to him through the magic of the dragonspear.[2]


The combined armies of Dragonspear led raids and outright assaults on settlements, forests, and other areas around the High Moor.[1]


The horde's first belligerent actions were inflicted upon the elves and druids of the Misty Forest. The woods were devastated in a fly-by assault made by Maelestor Rex.[3]

In the Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR, the barbazu serving Vrag and the Marauders were sent to scout the town of Daggerford. They managed to incapacitate Sir Llewellyn Longhand, the leader of Daggerford's army.[4] The raiders attacked the town's army again a short time later, in a battle outside of The Way Inn.[5]

The army was finally bested in the final battle of the Second Dragonspear War, that took place at their rallying fortress, Dragonspear Castle.[6][7]





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