Horemkensi was an senator of Innarlith who was active in mid–14th century DR. He was assassinated by a spirit naga in 1371 DR.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

He was charismatic, but he was often content to follow other people's orders.[2]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

He was allied with Senator Meykhati and followed the latter's plans in the senate.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

He was from an old senatorial family in Innarlith and was the eighteenth in his family line to be a senator. He attended a party held at Senator Meykhati's residence that a young Cormyrean engineer named Willem Korvan also attended in 1362 DR. He attended the funeral for senator Khonsu in 1364 DR and afterwards went with Meykhati and the other senators to the Peacock Resplendent where they discussed plans for making Willem Korvan, who was secretly the one who assassinated Khonsu, into a new senator.[4]

Willem disappeared in 1369 DR and the senate appointed Horemkensi to take over Willem's place as leader of the project to build a canal from the Lake of Steam to the Nagaflow. Horemkensi had no understanding of construction or engineering, however, and he was utterly unable to manage the project properly. He was an elite dandy that only spent one day in twenty at the actual canal site. He replaced Surero, who was formerly the alchemist tasked with producing smokepowder for the excavation, with his own alchemist. The results were that many workers were killed in accidents. People from Innarlith went north and stood on a viewing platform near the canal to watch the workers being blown up as entertainment.[5]

He made orders that contradicted the original design of the canal in order to speed up the work. Ivar Devorast the original designer of the canal, arrived at the site and secretly worked there as a laborer. The other workers noticed him and asked him for directions about what to do, which he gave to them. Soon the workers at the canal just collectively began ignoring Horemkensi's instructions and instead followed what Devorast instructed.[6]

T'juyu, a spirit naga from the Chondalwood, came to Horemkensi's tent on Marpenoth 2, 1371 DR, disguised as a beautiful woman. She seduced him and when they got close, she explained that she had originally come to the area because her kind was very concerned about this canal and how it might benefit the water nagas of the Nagaflow, but after listening and understanding, she came to realize that she had chosen the wrong side. Horemkensi didn't understand what she was talking about and she told him that that was just one of the reasons why she was going to kill him. She then bit him with her fangs and killed him.[7]

Following his assassination, Ransar Pristoleph had Devorast and Surero arrested. However, after determining they were innocent, Devorast was set to work as the chief builder of the canal again and the project progressed well.[8]

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