Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V was the duergar king of Gracklstugh during the late 15th century DR.[1]


He was a ruthless and canny ruler. His style was to have secret meetings with all the city's councils and clans in order to keep their members guessing what he was up to, and he handed out favors out of the blue. He let it be known that he would use any trick to maintain his grip on power. Horgar was known to employ assassins like the Empty-Scabbard Killers through third parties to take care of potential troublemakers. Thanks to this strategy, he focused all the factions on war with others and make them unable to damage the king.[2]


Horgar ascended the throne in 1372 DR.[2]

During the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, Horgar became infected by the madness spread by demon lords and Shal, a disguised succubus agent of Graz'zt hid his madness.[1]



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