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Horn of Blasting.

The horn of blasting was a magically engineered horn that, when blown into following the utterance of its command word,[2] would produce a massive shockwave, similar to the spell sound burst.[3]


The horn's effect would knock back anyone or anything in its way, often stunning people or creatures caught in the blast.[1][4] Each time the horn was used, there was a chance it would explode and be utterly destroyed.[2]


One variety of horn was developed by a former military engineer, Julius Baggar. Rather than work on perfecting siege engines, or some other mechanical feat, Julius and his apprentices sought out magical tomes for insight and inspiration. Finding some ancient scripts that detailed, albeit theoretical, arcane lore that postulated on how to control, manipulate and even create sound waves. Julius applied that knowledge into a new piece of technology, his own version of the horn of blasting.[1]

After its completion, Julius demanded a practical experiment of its capabilities and had one of his apprentices blow into the horn while it was aimed in his direction. Unfortunately for the talented engineer, the horn worked perfectly well, and the horn's shockwaves tore him asunder.[1]

By the year 1369 DR the horn wound up in a subterranean dungeon beneath the Windspear Hills.[1]



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