The horned harbinger is a special prestige class for worshipers of the dead god Myrkul. All horned harbingers since the Time of Troubles have had contact with an artifact called the Crown of Horns and turned their worship from their previous deity to that of Myrkul, whose personality possesses the Crown of Horns.[1]

All horned harbingers are essentially tools of Myrkul, dedicated to aid the personality inhabiting the Crown of Horns in some fashion unknown to outsiders.[1]


Bone Horns
A horned harbinger grows a ring of horns around his head. He can use these horns in attacks if he so chooses.[2]
Death Domain
A horned harbinger gains the use of the Death domain, even if he had no clerical power before wearing the Crown of Horns.[2]
Captain/General of Undeath
A horned harbinger's ability to control large numbers of undead significantly increases as he gains power.[2]
Ranged Animation
A horned harbinger can create undead from a distance instead of requiring that he touch a corpse.[2]


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