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Horses on Toril came in a number of breeds, of varying size and demeanor. They were often used by humanoid races for riding, the pulling of carts and wagons or other forms of work.[6][7][8]


Horses were classified in a number of different manners. Chargers, or more plainly warhorses were those horses bred to ride in battle.[9] Light warhorses were referred to as coursers while heavy warhorses were known as destriers.[10]


Some of the best-trained horses were trained by the elven House Korianthil.[11]


Horses were considered sacred to many faiths of Faerûn. Warhorses were important to followers of Anhur, the Red Knight, and Tempus. Pinto and piebald horses were particularly favored by Deneir; palomino horses to Waukeen. Gray-haired horsed were sacred to Mask, while white ones were sacred to Milil, and chestnut-colored horses to Sune. Mystra favored donkeys, horses, and mules with blue or mismatched eyes. Intelligent horses were also native to the celestial realms of Sehanine Moonbow.[12]

Horses were a kind of novelty for Thymari dragonborn, as such beasts weren't common in Abeir. As such, horses, specially warhorses were highly valued by Thymari, who cared for them as precious friends.[13]


A white horse was the symbol for the sun elf house of Evanara.[14]

Notable Breeds[]


Heavy horses
Amphailan • Cream draft • Kromlor • Miradan's breed • Nars • Phlan cart horse • Sembian draft • Tendal • Thymari
Heavy warhorses
Amphailan Black charger • Cormyrean destrier • Ostorian • Tantran Destrier • TharurrIshen-Charac
Light horses
Amphail Gray • Baldurian Rider • Barrowright farm horse • ChiontharCormyrean Strider • Darromar • Esmel long rider • Fox Trotter • Halruaan • Lhesperan • Mintan • Mucklestone • New Forest • SemphariShaaran zebra • Shire riding horse • SosserSteppe horse
Light warhorses
CalimiteDambraii • Duskwood skewbald • Emberhawk • Golden Trotter • Ixinosia Longhair • MethRaurinShad'iar • Thayan Black • Vilhon
Amphail fancyCarmathan RedNathoudi stallionPlainsteed


Ponies were often used as mounts by smaller humanoids like halflings or small humans.[citation needed]

Dales pony • Forest pony • Island pony • Orsraun pony • Mountain pony • Nether pony • Shire pony • Snowflake Mountain pony • Sunrise pony • Wild pony
War ponies
Hammer ponyWhiteshield


Donkey (Uglib) • Gens D'OrMoon-horsePixie breed horse


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