Hostim was a village in Tethyr that supplied the city of Ithmong (later Darromar) with food.[3]


Hostim was a small hamlet of about 80 to 100 persons living in 12 to 15 simple homes. The village was surrounded by farmland and pastures for keeping herds of cattle.[3]


Hostim was located in the county of Ithmonn, in the Crown Lands of Tethyr.[1] It sat in a grassy area with only minimal tree cover, northwest of the city of Ithmong about 9 miles (14 kilometers) from the Ithal Road.[3]


During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR, many of the crops in Hostim and the surrounding villages were destroyed in the chaos of that world-shattering event. A month after the Time of Troubles ended, however, things did not return to normal. Instead, the population of monsters in the region seemed to increase, and this led to a shortage of food in nearby Ithmong, which relied on Hostim and other nearby villages for food. In particular, near Hostim, a tribe of trolls settled in a hill cave about 6 miles (9.7 kilometers) north of the village.[3]

These monsters were, in fact, summoned to the region by a series of Thayvian beacons as part of a plot by the Knights of the Shield and Inselm Hhune to prevent Ernest Gallowglass from rising to power over all of Tethyr—a position that Hhune himself wanted—during the time of anarchy known as the Tethyrian Interregnum.[3]

The Company of Eight became involved and hired a group of adventurers to investigate the area and determine the cause of all the monster attacks.[3]




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