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The Hothemer (pronounced: /ˈhtɛmɛrHOT-em-er[1] or: /ˈhθɛmɛrHOTH-em-er[2]) family was part of the nobility of Waterdeep, gaining nobility status in Year of the Cockatrice, 1248 DR.[1]


As of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the matriarch of the Hothemer family was Malas Hothemer, with Citta Hothemer as consort. Chynna Hothemer was his eldest daughter and heir. During this period, there were seventeen living members of the Hothemer noble family.[3]


House Hothemer gained their fortune trading, and owned a great fleet of caravans and wagons. [1]


The family first received their nobility ranking in Year of the Cockatrice, 1248 DR.[1]

Having been turned into a troll while under the influence of fell magic, eight-year-old Chynna accidentally killed her two elder brothers, Hathin and Robin, circa 1367 DR. Her affliction was cured by Lord Maskar Wands. Consequently, the family went into deep mourning for their two sons and late heirs.[4][note 1]

Base of Operations[]

The Hothemer family owned a noble villa located in the North Ward of Waterdeep.[5][6][7]


  • Malas Hothemer: Patriarch and leader of the family, circa 1372 DR.[3][1][note 2]
  • Citta Hothemer: Consort of Malas.[3][1]
  • Chynna Hothemer: Eldest daughter and heir of Malas.[3][1]
  • Hathin Hothemer: Slain son of Malas and Citta.[4]
  • Robin Hothemer: Slain son of Malas and Citta.[4]
  • Yunth Hothemer: Arch-rival of Dulbravvan Anteos.[8]



  1. The text of City of Splendors actually says "little eight-year-old Citta" and "Citta Hothemer turned into a troll", but specifies Citta is the consort of Malas and states that Hathin and Robin are her brothers and the former heirs, but Chynna is specified as the next heir. It seems likely that "Citta" is in error and "Chynna" was intended.
  2. Malas is specified as matriarch in City of Splendors and as patriarch in "Noble Houses of Waterdeep", suggesting an update or correction.


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