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The hounds of law were a form of will-o'-wisp bred by the Wind Dukes of Aaqa to serve as trackers, guards, and messengers.[1]


In their natural form, hounds of law were tiny luminous spheres as bright as fireflies. They could vibrate rapidly in order to produce buzzing sounds, which they used as a limited form of communication.[1]


Hounds of law could rapidly transform themselves into various animals, such as dogs, elephants, hawks, horses, panthers, rats, sharks, and snakes. Transformed hounds of law were usually more powerful than normal animals.[1]

They could move between the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, and Material Plane at will. They had the ability to become invisible, and would sometimes detect other invisible creatures.[1]

When tracking a creature, hounds of law could sense residual magic to follow it if it used flying or teleportation magic.[1]

Hounds of law were unaffected by all but a few spells, including protection from alignment, magic missile, and maze.[1]


Hounds of law were lawful creatures bred by the vaati. As such, they were loyal to their masters and would sometimes be sent on solitary missions. A few hounds bred by Wendeam vaati were lawful good like their masters.[1]



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