Houndaer Tuin'Tarl was a drow and former member of House Tuin'Tarl in Menzoberranzan. He learned about the Silence of Lolth and conspired with Syrzan to use the weakness of the priestesses to take over Menzoberranzan.[3]


Houndaer wore rich silks and velvet garments, and had numerous magical charms and trinkets on his person. He wore crystals in his long, thick hair. He had close-set eyes and a prominent jaw. He wielded a scimitar.[4]


Houndaer was born to House Tuin'Tarl at an unknown date. At some point, he trained at Melee-Magthere under Ryld Argith and was proficient enough that Ryld remembered him many years later.[2] Dissatisfied with his place in life, and with the role of males in drow society in general, he joined a group of like-minded individuals who would meet from time to time in an abandoned fortress.[3]

One day, he witnessed priestesses die fighting gricks in the Bauthwaf when they should have been able to save themselves with their magic. Realizing what this could mean, Houndaer and his co-conspirators attacked some priestesses to see what they would do and confirmed their suspicions. After this, he and the others took up permanent residence in the abandoned fortress and became renegades. He was one of the first missing males to leave, as well as one of the highest-ranking missing males. Along with the alhoon Syrzan (and possibly with the support of the Jaezred Chaulssin), he formulated a plan to take over Menzoberranzan by inciting a slave revolt, assassinating powerful priestesses, and eventually replacing them as the rulers of the city.[3]

Houndaer later appeared to Pharaun Mizzrym and Ryld Argith after they attacked a Tier Breche patrol. He invited them to join his group, thinking that they were also upset with the balance of power in Menzoberranzan, and they agreed. He explained his whole plan to them before Syrzan arrived and revealed that the two were intending to report back to the council.[3]

Houndaer had the two imprisoned and took Ryld's greatsword, Splitter. The two managed to escape, however, and Houndaer and his forces searched the fortress for them. Eventually, he stumbled upon Ryld in a meditative trance. Ryld woke and engaged Houndaer and his men, overwhelming them easily due to his heightened state. Realizing that all was lost, Houndaer dropped Splitter and surrendered himself to death.[3]


Houndaer was accompanied by Omraeth, a spellsinger.[5]





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