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The Hourglass Coven was the coven formed by the three daughters of Baba Yaga the terrible archfey and Mother of All Witches. They were collectively known to embody pure evil, each bound to an aspect of time itself: past, present, and future.[1]

Time was our ally, standing beside us,

Giving us that which Mummy denied us.
But now, I feel its hands turn cold
And see its second sight unfold:
The hourglass broken, the sisters three
Meeting our hellish destiny.
Bav and Skab will never known

That Time has always been our foe.
— Insight Endelyn gained using the Orrery of Tragedies.[2]


As was often the case, the three hags of the coven―Skabatha, Bavlorna, and Endelyn—each despised one another and often conspired in pairs to plot the downfall of the third sister.[1]


Despite their shared enmity, the hags of the Hourglass Coven each gained significant powers when all three were within close proximity of one another. When no sister was more than 30 ft (9.1 m) from another, each of them could cast a variety of powerful magic at will, such as finger of death or mass suggestion, without utilizing spells they had memorized.[1]


Each member of the coven employed various agents including thieves, some of whom traveled along with the Witchlight Carnival. Skabatha hired a ghoul named Sowpig, Endelyn controlled the removed shadow of an elf named Gleam, and Bavlorna used a lornling that resembled a miniature version of herself.[3]

Before their sudden and inevitable betrayal, the three sisters acted as trusted advisors to Iggwilv, Baba Yaga's adopted daughter. This service was in fact a ruse meant to foster in Iggwilv a false sense of security.[4]


Skabatha, Endelyn, and Bavlorna became exceedingly jealous when Iggwilv grew exponentially in power and ability, created her own Domain of Delight, Prismeer. They feigned support for Iggwilv and ingratiated themselves to the new archfey, while formulating a plot to sabotage her magic cauldron. They waited for precisely the right moment to strike and take Prismeer for their own.[1]

When Iggwilv returned to Prismeer from her travels, the coven's trap was sprung and Iggwilv was placed in a form of temporal stasis,[1] within her Palace of Heart's Desire.[5] The three sisters carved out their own domains within Prismeer, and split the domain into three distinct realms: Hither, Thither, and Yon.[6] They then manipulated the mercenaries from the League of Malevolence into safeguarding Iggwilv's Cauldron,[1][7] the key item that could allow Iggwilv to break free.[8]


  • Skabatha Nightshade, the eldest sister that dealt in the regrets and sadness of past memories and lost loves.[1]
  • Bavlorna Blightstraw, the middle sister who lived entirely in the moment and held no regard for the past or the future.[1]
  • Endelyn Moongrave, the youngest sister who stole away the will of others and forced them to watch the worst fates that awaited them.[1]



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