House Aelorothi was a gold elf noble house with holdings on Evermeet by the 14th century DR.[1] They were once a minor house of the realm of Siluvanede (c. −8400 DR to 882 DR).[3]


The colors of the house were red and blue, while its crest depicted a red swan on a blue field.[1][2]


By 1367 DR, the family home was located in the northern part of the city of Leuthilspar on Evermeet. It was a tower, tall and slender, pale blue in color with green veins.[1]


Traditionally, the Aelorothi elves served as priests and warrior-clerics to the elven gods of the Seldarine, especially Corellon Larethian. Their numbers were much diminished by 1367 DR, but they still cared for Evermeet's temples and blessed elf fighters and sailors.[1]

Despite this holy calling, the Aelorothi of ancient Siluvanede were among those minor houses corrupted by House Dlardrageth from around −4800 DR. They joined in their elf–demon crossbreeding and spawned a bloodline of fey'ri, and were complicit in the realm's warmongering, before being held captive for millennia. After their liberation in 1369 DR, the Aelorothi fey'ri became a subclan of House Dlardrageth and joined the daemonfey army of Sarya Dlardrageth.[3][4]

Coincidentally, many of Aelorothi—gold elf or fey'ri—were noted spies.[5][3][6]


The family on Evermeet owned a number of precious magical items suited for clerics, such as two rods of resurrection and the storied staff of Rumathil.[1]

Notable MembersEdit

Gold elf members included:

Fey'ri members included:



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