House Cormaeril was a noble house of Cormyr. Their estate was situated beyond the Royal Gardens in Suzail, Cormyr.[1]

Relations[edit | edit source]

It was an enemy of the Illance house.[3] The Cormaerils had a long-standing rivalry with House Huntcrown.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

After the Fire Knives were driven from Cormyr in 1341 DR, it was found that a number of members of the Cormaeril family were in-fact members of the Fire Knives.[4] They were also implicated in the assassination attempt on King Azoun IV in 1369 DR and the crown exiled the family and confiscated their lands.[2]

Late in his reign in the 1440s DR, King Azoun V restored the Cormaeril's titles but not their lands. As of 1479 DR, the family was attempting to restore their reputation through generosity to the poor and patronage of the arts.[2]

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